Deciphering Me.

Enjoy this today.  It connects with the post from yesterday which, by the way, I LUH-HUVED your comments.  Especially from you married gals- yeah, the whole idea that guarding your heart transcends dudes and includes friendships and work relationships and all of it. Wise, that’s what you people are.

Oh Brooke Fraser, I couldn’t talk about your song and then not let people see your cute self and hear the whole thing. [Kat, I know you are loving this cause you are the one who opened my eyes to the beauty of this album.]

There’s some beautiful connection between the line “I am a mystery, I am a locked room in a tall tower” and “did you see the stars colliding, shining just to show we belong“.  I can’t find the direct connect in an easy to define way, but I feel it in my heart. Something about guarding your heart and your stories is what, in the long run, really makes you feel accepted? Do you feel that in the song?

I don’t know…. but I’m working it out.

Happy Tuesday.

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