Free music. Booyah.

Joy Williams, whom I love mucho, is releasing a new 4-song EP soon, but for now you can download one of the songs for free.  Oh yeah, you heard me.  FREE.  Meaning NO MONEY IS NECESSARY TO OWN THIS AND YES YOU ARE WELCOME.

CLICK HERE to get the free song “Lose Myself”.  Let’s just say that for me personally it was a timely find, to say the least.  Read the lyrics.  For realz.

Joy is an amazing artist and she’s a Nashville girl, so we obviously have so very much in common.  Maybe that’s why I like her.  Maybe we’ll be Nash-friends one day- she probably dresses really trendy and I, um.  I’m working on that.

Sorry to interrupt Haley’s birthday, but free music is, well, free.  Haley loves free stuff.  Uh, Haley.  I got you a song for your birthday.  CLICK HERE.  🙂

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