He doesn’t pay me to say this.

But I told him he should.

Please tell me you watched Dave Barnes’ video on his website today?  Because it is all manner of hilarious.


His new EP came out today and y’all.  There is a new version of Until You that almost makes me cry.  It’s that good.  [Probably has something to do with Jesus, I’m just saying. I sing this one to Him sometimes- “Love was kept from me like a secret and I swore that I was through- until You.”]

And there are some new songs.  And only $3.99.

So if you’ve never listened to Dave before, what a cost-friendly way to get a few songs.  Kinda like trial size deodorant.



Sophie has an AWESOME GIVEAWAY from Dave, so go there and try to win it.


There is your “Annie Pimps Nash-Music” installment for Feb. 09.


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