Hillsong Winners!

Congrats to these three folks for winning the Hillsong Live album!

#13 : Katherine Boozer!

#28 : Tess!

Picked out of a ton of really legit reasons that you should get the album: TRAVIS! [You are right, Trav. You have suffered with my gal posts long enough to earn some free tunes.]

The rest of you had some AMAZING reasons and I wish that I could give away 30 copies of the CD. Sorry that I can’t. But I hope you’ll check out Hillsong Live’s new album and really love it. I totally do.

. . . . .

Stay tuned around the ol’ blog, people. Check back after dinner…. so exciting stuff happening today! [Hence the lack of a real informative and hilarious blog post…. we’re doing some major behind the scenes work, y’all. Maj.]

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