I heart Augusta… and Phil Wickham.

All I have to say is, if you get a chance to go ANYWHERE and see Phil Wickham in concert, do it. If you don’t, and I find out, I will personally find my way to you, point in your face, and ridicule you for making a poor decision. Ok? Don’t make me do that, please.

This is him singing my personal favorite of his, “Divine Romance”. So good. So spiritual. So lovely.

My friend Danielle and I (and her baby on the way, Maddie) got the chance to see Phil, Audio Adrenaline, and Mercy Me tonight. We had awesome seats (thank you, friend) and the bands were so good. Yes, it was in Augusta. Yes, we drove there. Yes, we know it is a long way. They totally should have played in ATL, but beggars can’t be choosers. (Does that cliche even work here? Not sure.)
Here’s the interesting thing about Audio Adrenaline. Danielle and I took a little trip down memory lane and recalled that in 8th grade, a group of us went to hear them and Newsboys. 8th grade for me was 1994. That, my friends, is what you might call “a long time ago”. But I remember it clearly- probably because it was the only cool thing I did in 8th grade, who knows. But we both remembered that concert. And, bizarrely enough, this guy was my favorite member of the band then. That is so strange to me-“that’s quite a lot of bass playing, sir” (what I would have said if we were on time for the meet and greet). As soon as I saw him, I had this flashback of him with a mohawk. And me with purple hiking boots on, but I digress…
Here’s some more pictures… just for your viewing pleasure. Is it wrong that I kept saying to Danielle, “I gotta get a shot of this for my blog”? If that is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Here’s Danielle (you can’t really see the pregnant-ness, but it is there in full on 8th month fashion) and our tickets. 4th row baby! I could smell the sweat on Audio Adrenaline. (That’s not supposed to make you think I’m cool, that’s supposed to gross you out, as it did me.) The one in white, yeah, I’m pretty sure he’s the one with the stench. Good performer, bad smell.

And to please my mother, is this final picture. As Danielle and I left, we look and see the tech nerds area, and what do you think their beverage of choice was? This is no optical illusion or camera trickery, this is truthfully where they were brewing their tea. I took 3 pictures (I won’t bore you here with them, but I have emailed them to Mama), and by the third I had some explaining to do to the kind tech nerds, who were staring at me as I photographed their area. I stuttered something incomprehensible and then bolted. It should be a good story for them to tell other tech nerds at a later time.

Great show. Great night. It’s almost midnight and I’m supposed to teach school tomorrow? We’ll see how that goes. Something tells me someone you know is going to lose their patience before snack time…..

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