I’m gonna need your eyes and your ears.

First of all, thank you for your sweet comments and personal emails you sent yesterday, and for the last week, regarding the floods here. In fact, I got multiple emails from people headed our way to help volunteer. Amazing.

Here’s a few things for you on your Tuesday.

Tuesday is always the day that new music releases and I am THU-RILLED to tell you about a musician you may not know. Jake Ousley. He’s a sweet friend of mine and I absolutely love what he writes and how he sings. He’s also REALLY funny. Which you know goes a long way with me.

His first EP releases today. And if you have $5.94 that you are willing to drop on a new musician, this is where you should do it.

Here is the link to iTunes. Enjoy, my friends. Kentucky Moon is a personal fav of mine. Also, someone you know VERY well wrote his bio, so you can read that here.

Also, my friend Ishita has launched a new online magazine called fear.less. Now. Let me tell you. Don’t start reading unless you are willing to be brave- personally, professionally, all of it. Because these stories make you want to be the best you. Really, it is amazing and inspiring and I think you’ll love it. [That’s why I’m telling you about it. I don’t tell you about things I think you will hate.]

Also, I have a new Get Fit Segment that aired last week and I am SO SO proud of it. Unfortunately, they won’t let me embed it [whah whah], so I’m just going to have to beg you to CLICK THE LINK and watch it. Please?

[And I’m only telling you this because we are such good friends, but I was SO SICK on the day we filmed this. Like, flu-ish. That’s why my voice sounds like that of an SEC linebacker.]

I also forgot to tell you [whoops] that my monthly article published at (in)courage last week. It is about the Get Fit Challenge, so if you have heard enough of my jabber, forget it. But if you’d like to hear another part of the story, head on over.

Also remember that I’m at Flying Solo all month, blogging about being single and finding community.

Also thanks for loving me even when I send you on a wild click chase around the internet.

Tomorrow I will limit your clicking and I’ll just tell you about my new job.

Cause I actually have a real job. In Nashville.

Weird, but true.

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