New tunes in ’12

One of my favorite things to do is share good music.

Not share in the “burn-me-a-CD” kind of way. People in this town do not look to kindly on that. I don’t want to get shunned in the streets.

Instead, I will list for you some new stuff I’m listening to and show you how to purchase that for yourself. Were you to choose to listen to it on Spotify or Rdio before you buy it, well… I have nothing to do with that. I’m not the boss of you.

This music isn’t all necessarily new in 2012, it’s just new to me in 2012. So there’s that.

[And let me say that I’m not sure 100% of these songs have 0% cuss words… I honestly can’t remember. So listen with some discernment, mainly because I don’t have time to word check every single song on these albums. Thank you and carry on.]

. . . . .

The Head And The Heart … I get to hear this band in March with my Besty Betsy and I am  happy about that. If they were a math equation, they would be

Mumford & Sons + a girl – a banjo + piano – keyboard

Because I’m a musical mathematician, that’s why.

. . . . .

Easy by Rascal Flatts … Sometimes a song says a thing perfectly, and I haven’t even broken up with anyone lately. I just like dramatically singing in my car. [You’re welcome.] Also, I LOVE Natasha Bedingfield’s part.

. . . . .

Give Us Rest by David Crowder Band … I absolutely love this band. So so much. This is their final album and they do not disappoint. Thirty four tracks? Cut it out.

. . . . .

Deluxe Companion by Mumford & Sons … Don’t roll your eyes at me. I know I already own the recorded album and I just purchased the live album. I am a sucker for all things Mumford. You know this. And the live album? Well. It’s different. Sorta. Ahem.

. . . . .

Amen by Eden’s Edge … Two weekends ago I was strutting through the airport and I could not get this song out of my head. Thanks to the magical technology of Anita iPhone and an iTunes gift card, I bought this song right there in the terminal. Oh 2012, you’re so cool.

Also, this is a great song. [I like country music. Sue me.]

. . . . .

Kopecky Family Band … I’m spending a little time spinning this beauty today since I’m going to their show tonight. Me thinks it will be a nice time. I haven’t been to a proper concert since returning from Scotland [except Christmas stuff], so it will be great to hear live music.

. . . . .

Reason To Sing by All Sons & Daughters … I dig this band. They work hard. They make great worship music. I think we’ll be singing their masterpieces for many years to come.

Fun fact. When I type “sons” into my iTunes, I get to listen to this album and then Mumford. Not mad about that.

. . . . .

All My Devotion by Kristene Mueller … welp. This worship song plays a few times a day in my life. It’ll ruin you [in a good way].

Take it all, take it all. Just give me Jesus.”

Phew… I want to mean that every time I sing it. So I’ll sing it until I do.

. . . . .

What are you listening to right now? 


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