Thank you, Switchfoot.

Last week, after I had bemoaned a few situations going on right now, my friend Jennie said, “so… what’s fun right now?” Trying, I think, to help me focus on the positive.

I panicked. Because I couldn’t think of anything.

I have to tell you. If there is one thing I prioritize, one thing I absolutely seek out and love, it is FUN. I want to have fun all the time and in every situation. And yet, here I was, unable to think of a fun thing. It was very un-Annie and I did not like it.

I never planned for this to be my life. I never thought I’d run my own business where I have to put on my big girl panties every day and make big decisions that involve money and people and future and in the last month, it has gotten harder than I know what to do with.

And lately, fun has eluded me.

Then last night? Switchfoot.


I’ve been a fan of this band for a while, but the last six months have been different. Switchfoot’s label hired me to write some devotionals to go along with their documentary Fading West. So I’ve watched the documentary about 11 times, front to back, and I feel like these are my dudes, my people. And the album (also titled Fading West) is moving. Writing for this band is one of my favorite jobs I’ve been hired to do in ever.

So when they were headed to town, the label was kind enough to give me a ticket to the concert at one of my favorite venues, War Memorial Auditorium.

Four minutes into the show, I felt fun. I breathed deep. It was almost like a scent that wafted up from the stage. So. Much. Fun. It hit me and I was almost overwhelmed. Tears came to my eyes and I found myself, even in the first minutes, wishing this night would never end.

I set my phone down, rolled up my sleeves, and started to dance and sing at the top of my lungs. Even though I had a seat, I stood for most of the show. I sang loud until my voice was sore, it was hot and everyone was sweaty, but I couldn’t quit smiling.

I had so much fun.

It didn’t make my work problems go away and it didn’t change the situations that are giving me stress, but man oh man did I feel peace and joy and fun and relief for about 100 minutes on Sunday night.

Thank you for that, Switchfoot. Someday, if we ever get to be real life friends, I owe ya big. Remind me.

Let's be friends!

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