The Sing-Off LIVE y’all.

Did you watch The Sing-Off these last few weeks on television? It’s a great show. Acapella groups competing against each other. Beautiful stuff.

Some local Nashville dudes called Street Corner Symphony came in second. [But they are winners in our hearts.]

And Tuesday night, they performed here in Nashville.

Now, it’s not every day that acapella groups sell out venues. But SCS did it. Twice.

I watched the show enough that I probably would have gone to the concert either way. But then, when I checked the website, it was not only Street Corner Symphony, it was also the YALE WHIFFENPOOFS.

Listen. Do I have any Gilmore Girls fans out there? Because if you recall, Mr. Gilmore was a Whiffenpoof. Sure, I knew he wouldn’t be there tonight [not because he is fictional, more because of his age], but it was very exciting anyways.

My mother is a totes maj The Sing-Off fan and her favorite group happened to win- Committed. And then, they appeared on stage.

And I sent a picture and a text to my mother saying, “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU ARE MISSING THIS!” and that is truly the first time I’ve ever been at a concert in a bar and known beyond a shadow of a doubt that my mother would rather be there than anywhere else in the world.

The show was insanely good. A surprising number of our friends were there [secret lovers of acapella jams] including the birthday girl, Hercules!  And the early show had a… how do I say it… “older crowd” feel, so it wasn’t quite so packed or obnoxious. [Read: lots of parents at the 8pm show.]

Sweet Marisa put two videos on twitter [sigh… iPhone4, you are so good.] but I can’t get them to upload. So. Check out these links–

Street Corner Symphony + ALISON KRAUSS [I died a little in the good way] + Committed =

Street Corner Symphony + Committed + Whiffenpoofs + “Fix You” by Coldplay =

Please tell me you watched those. I mean, sheesh. They are good.

Also. I totally have a crush on the guy with the hat and I am not afraid to blog about that.

When he sang, “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone,” it was so amazing that I blacked out for a minute and then I came around and screamed out, “I’M RIGHT HERE! MOURN NO MORE!”

No I didn’t.

But I should have.

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