This lady loves her some concerts.

Let me tell you, tonight was a good time. Those boys from Third Day put on quite a show at Gwinnett Arena. Mac Powell sang so nice and then brought the Word and preached. For real. I’ll tell you what- the presence of the Lord showed up. It was awesome. The whole concert was amazing. I reminisce to the first time I heard Third Day and I think I was in middle school at our Youth Camp. (I hope that makes Mac feel old.) I loved ’em then; I love ’em now. And a new Christmas album? Yeah, you’re gonna want that… right now. Itunes. Do it. You know you want to.

Along with Third Day was the David Crowder Band. I thoroughly enjoy them. His writing style and word choice are fantastic. He’s smart. Real smart. When I heard this song (“You Are My Joy”) at the concert back in February, I knew right then that I would own that CD, and I do. That puppy sat on repeat in the car for a solid week- and that, my friends, is a long time to listen to one song. Try it; you’ll see. And, If you haven’t read Crowder’s book “Praise Habit”, you totally need it. He’s the kind of writer that makes me gasp in amazement and then ponder with the book laying open on my lap. His brain doesn’t work like mine, and I like that about him.

All that good, but now I have to tell you the low point of the evening. Prepare yourself.

I dropped my cell phone in a cup of Diet Coke. Dorie did her best to rescue it in the car, wrapping it in a papoose of napkins. But I’ve got to break it to you, I’m not sure she’s going to make it through the night. I’ve taken a couple of breaks from blogging to use the ole hair dryer on it, and nothing good has happened yet.

Allow me to lower that low to another level by saying (and you may or may not know this) I just purchased this cell phone two weeks ago. I dropped my old one on the hardwood floor in my house and the screen died. On the spot. So I just paid for this cell phone and now, sans some miracle, it looks like I’ll be headed back to Wal-Mart to purchase another one.

I know, two posts in one day. Lay off. I’m loving this blogging thing. To close us out- here’s me and my Marie at the concert tonight. She’s so cute, huh? And funny. Read her blog. You’ll laugh. Or your money back. Guaranteed.

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