Top 5 Friday: Disney songs.

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. . . . .

See. Here’s what is about to happen.

Both the … Ahem, all the men that read my blog are going to leave because we are talking about Disney. But I’ve really got my hopes up that as the lay-deez load up the comment section today, a few dudes will add their thoughts as well. Seriously. Guys. Do it. Please?

On to the post…

The other day I needed a pandora station that meant nothing to my adult sensibilities. I needed not to run across a song that elicited any emotional response. [Sister was spent – you were there.]

So I typed in “Disney songs” and for the next six hours [no joke], I enjoyed some of the dearest songs of my childhood. And I began to think about which of the Disney songs are my favorite.

Hence. This Top 5 Friday list- my favorite Disney songs.

. . . . .

1. Lavender Blue

When I wrote a eulogy for my grandmother’s funeral, I wrote about ballet dancing in her sewing room to this song. And it has held a special place in my heart ever since.

. . . . .

2. Part of Your World

All I have to say is, “Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat…” and you could probably finish the rest of the song. Great great song. It’s just one of those that every American knows.

Also Ariel? She had gadgets and gizmos of plenty. But who cares? No big deal. She wanted more.

[You’re welcome.]

. . . . .

3. Stay Awake

All. Time. Favorite. Disney. Movie. And this is just one of the many wonderful songs from this musical. Another favorite is “I Love To Laugh” because I, in fact, love to laugh. This song also makes me think of my favorite family whom I don’t get to see anymore. [We tried to skype one time while I was in Scotland and I couldn’t stop crying…. so… that’s unfortunate.]

. . . . .

4. Beauty & the Beast

Do you love or do you love? I know. It’s the jam. Angela Lansbury is amazing.

. . . . .

5. A Whole New World

Don’t you dare close your eyes.

Also, for realz- does it still amaze anyone that Steve from Full House is the voice of Aladdin? 8th grade Annie thought that was the coolest because as the oldest of 3 daughters, I TOTALLY related to DJ Tanner. Probably still do. Candace Cameron Bure, let’s be friends.

And now we’re totally off topic. Welcome to what it is like to be in my head. [read: obnoxiously ping-pongish]

. . . . .

Things I’m not going to tell you: how my 3rd grade boyfriend sang “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes” to me in the lunch line, how “Not in Nottingham” makes me tear up, or how I wished my name was “Truly Scrumptious.”


What are your favorite Disney songs? I know I left out a ton of gems… oh the stresses of only being allowed to pick five. 


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