TOP 5 FRIDAY: Link on.

TOP 5 FRIDAY is when we each list five of our favorite things, depending on the topic. Feel free to join in via the comments or by posting on your own blog and linking back here. Play along. It’s Friday.

. . . . .

I have some goals and dreams.

Currently, I want to be punnier.

You can pray into that if you so feel led.

It’s just that punny people are always cracking me up and I just keep thinking that if I was punnier, I could entertain myself more often.

But I’m also finding that there are a lot of things on this planet that distract me from writing. Things like painting my nails. And maybe taking my punny-ness up a level might actually make me write puns all the time instead of, you know, books?

This has nothing to do with today’s blog post.

You’re welcome.

. . . . .

Today’s Top 5 Friday is pretty simple and I link you’re gonna like it a lot.

[boom. pun.]

Here are the top 5 things I’ve found on the world wide web this week that I want to share with you!

1. Womanista’s Non-Date Essentials

I read Womanista every day and I love it every day. But this post? This is a masterpiece. For a married woman to know so much about the current world of dating is honorable… though I will take some credit because Cassie has heard my bemoaning a time or twelve. Also, that book she mentions is on hold for me at the library. I can’t wait to check it out. Literally. [Is THAT a pun? Not sure.]

2. I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons

If you’ve been here longer than a minute, you know that I have a thing for Mumford & Sons. I just plain love ’em. So duh. They made the list with their new single.

3. Article by Anne Lamott

I know, she’s every cool Christian’s favorite author ever. But she’s not mine. I mean, I like her, but I don’t totally agree with her and sometimes I so much don’t agree that I can’t read her stuff. That doesn’t mean she’s not a fine person, I’m just explaining myself. BUT. This article is beautifully written and deserves to be read slowly.

4. Monaco Blue

I’ve never known the name, but when I saw this I was all, “OH MY YES THAT IS MY FAVORITE COLOR” and luckily it is going to be huge in Spring 2013 which, I don’t know about you, but I’m absolutely no where near planning my spring wardrobe so I’m all, “CAN I PLEASE WEAR THIS IN THE FALL WINTER AND SPRING?” Probably I shouldn’t. But I’m gonna. My friends at Loom Decor did an entire blog post about Monaco Blue and I will forever be grateful that they told me the name of my favorite color.

Also, this chair? I want it like whoa.

5. Fearless by Group 1 Crew

This album is crazy fun and each song is about Jesus and it’s awesome. Get it.

Bonus reminders:

I wrote a book.

Emily wrote a book.

They’re twin sisters.

. . . . .


Share your favorite link from this week! I’m sure we’ll all get a click out of it! 

[I. Am. On. FIRE!]

. . . . .

PS- come back here on Monday for a huge awesomely cool thing…. like, a free thing. For you. And every girl you know. Seriously. 


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