TOP 5 FRIDAY: most loved songs!

Ok, so I think this is gonna be supes fun.

Let’s make a TOP 5 list every FRIDAY!


Starting today! Yay!

[I’m feeling very exclamatory today. Probably has something to do with a lack of sleep. Thanks a mil, boot camp. Now you’re causing me to inappropriately use punctuation.]

So, here’s the first list- our most loved songs. Here’s how you figure out your most loved songs on iTunes. Open your music library, click on “plays” and it will list them by the most plays.

I was telling some friends on Tuesday night about doing this and I said, “the lame thing is that my first eight songs or so are from two bands, so I’m just gonna skip to the top 5 songs from different artists.”

Then Luke looked me dead in the eyes and said, “if you do that, I’m going to tell all your blog readers that you are a LIAR.” And I kinda think he would do it.

So I’m going to make two lists.

Here are my LITERAL top 5 most loved songs, even though it is a boring list because it is just Mumford and Brooke Fraser.

I don’t want you to judge me [reading this list or any in the future].

But I’m going to list the top 5 most loved songs from different artists.

1. After the Storm // Mumford & Sons (real #1)

  • This is true. I absolutely love this song. It makes me think of Heaven and it makes my heart feel light.

2. Shadowfeet // Brooke Fraser (real #2)

  • This actually isn’t my favorite Brooke Fraser song, so I think it is crazytown that this is #2, but it is the first song on the Albertine album. So. That’s that.

[now I will skip to the next top song from a different artist….]

3. You & I // Ingrid Michaelson (real #9)

  • This whole song is about falling in love and getting rich – two things I planned to do by 25 and now I’m just hoping to do before I expire.

4. Need You Now // Lady Antebellum (real #12)

  • I wish I could say this was in support of my friends. In all honesty, it is because I like to sing Dave’s harmony. Sue me.

5. Static Waves // Andrew Belle (real #13)

  • Laugh if you will. But I actually cannot really figure out what this song is about. But it sounds nice and Katie Herzig’s voice is cute as a button. So I listen to it a lot… approximately 43 times.

So there you have it!

Now. Your turn! In the comments, tell me your TOP 5 MOST LOVED SONGS!

[And there will be no judgement here. In fact, I may use up my iTunes gift card shopping for new songs all weekend because your favorites will become my favorite.]

Next Friday… TOP 5 FRIDAY: FAVORITE BOOKS! [So you can start your wheels a turnin’!]

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