We can be friends.

So y’all. Getting new headshots done yesterday was super fun. I’m gonna tell you all about it soon. For now, here are two pictures that show you kinda what was going on.

But before I tell you about that, I gotta tell you about this.

Going shopping.

So my dear friend / stylist Amber Lehman and I popped down to the mall last week to find all the clothes for the photo shoot. We had, in the words of people other than me, a wicked good time. We laughed, we tried on outfits, we matched belts to dresses and earrings to tops.

And I bought red jeans. I AM SO TRENDY.

I can’t even get started on the discounts I got from Macy’s. Pretty much, I practically robbed them.

[The thing that will keep me out of jail after writing that sentence is “practically.” I didn’t really. I just got some serious sale prices.]

Amber and I high-fived and walked out of Macy’s and, as happens often in Nashville, Amber saw a friend.

As soon as said friend spoke in her cute southern drawl, I was like, “this girl is gonna be my friend.”

[Yep, that’s how I make friends. I force them into it.]

Her name is Joanna Smith. She had been shopping. So had we. Amber loves her. I love Amber. That’s pretty much all I needed to suggest BFF tattoos.

She declined. Weird.

One of these things is not like the other…. meaning somebody [wearing green] doesn’t dress very fancy on a normal day. And she probably should. Also, same somebody [wearing green] has got to learn to curl her hair like everyone else does in this picture.

Amber started telling me about Joanna’s current single on country radio called “We Can’t Be Friends” and I was all, “Oh girl, I do not have time in my life for a song with that title.”

Obviously meaning that songs like that feel true x a million to me right now.

[Sigh… guy/girl friendships in your 30s in the 2010s are a complicated hot mess. At least, for me.]

So after Joanna and I decided that BFF tattoos were unnecessary but a friendship had definitely begun right there outside of the Macy’s, I came home and listened to her stuff.



First of all, Amber styled this video for “Gettin’ Married” and when you watch it, you will say, “yep, that is a hilarious song and that Joanna is a doll and duh she and Annie were born to be friends.”

Then I listened to “We Can’t Be Friends” and sheesh. Her voice is supes beautiful and the lyrics are great and I could not like her sound more.

So what I’m saying is you should probably buy her EP and call your radio station and request her music and cheer for her forever.

Seriously. Isn’t Nashville the coolest town? I. Know.

[Also, I own red jeans. That needed to be stated again.]

Let's be friends!

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