Weekend is upon us.

And aren’t we all just grateful?

I know I am.

For starters, I missed my blog birthday. And if you recall how I feel about my REAL birthday, it is absolutely ridiculous that I would forget my blog birthday.

Apparently I forgot in 2007, in 2008, and believe it or not, I forgot in 2009.

[If this blog were a child, she would need a serious amount of counseling.]

Well, AnnieBlogs, sorry I missed your birthday(s). Happy 4th year o’ blogging.

[We’ll really celebrate one day next week. Don’t worry. I love any quasi-legitimate reason to throw a party.]

Just for kicks and giggles- here’s the link to that first post, on November 8, 2006, when you literally had no clue who I was. [Ah, the good ole days, when you didn’t associate with the likes of me. I’m bringin’ ya down. Sorry.]

I’m so excited about my weekend- heading out of Nashville for a little R&R&Laughs with my friends Emily and Nester. It was so sweet of Emily to invite me [I invited myself] to hang with her and her people for a few days. I cannot hardly wait.

It might be true to say that this weekend is a bit of rehab for my heart.

I leave you with this- LADY ANTEBELLUM! So so proud of my friends. Really. Deeply proud. Sure, partly because they brought home two CMAs, but more because of this performance. Tears, I tell you. Every time.

Maybe talk to God like He is there. Oh I know He’s there, yeah I know He’s there.”

Yeah, that’s in my weekend plans too.

What are you up to this weekend?

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