Well. Prepare yourself. For laughs.

Because this is the funniest moment of your day.

ALL THE LIVE LONG YESTERDAY I had “I come to you with expectations, Baton Rouge…” running through my head.

That junk is funny.

Dave and Andrew will be out and about for the next few weeks and there will be a special handshake for any AnnieBlogs readers out there. So make sure you walk up and say “I’m an AnnieBlogs reader- shake my hand!”

You won’t regret it.

[Or maybe you will. I can’t make any promises. But you’ll laugh- that’s for sure.]

Also, Andrew’s new record comes out today and listen. You WILL regret missing out on this. It’s called She Remains the Same and I have rarely enjoyed an album this much this quickly. His CD release party on Sunday was a blast and Andrew live is as good as the album. I promise.

And please watch this video again. Even if you don’t live anywhere near Baton Rouge. Because this humor is inspiring.

[Inspiring? Too strong? Nope. I meant it.]

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