Who talks about packing?



I never swore I’d be interesting.

But. I did try to be honest and interesting [mildly] in my most recent (in)courage post – The Challenge of Packing. I’d love if you would pop over there and tell me your thoughts. [Also- the last line is missing a word… I’ve told the important people. It shall be fixed.]

[You know I have the privilege of writing for (in)courage, right? Pretty much, it’s a dream.]

Also. Because I love you, I’ll give you some insider deets. I did manage to pack too many hoodies, very little fleece [you are welcome, Amber Lehman], and a pair of shoes that don’t belong to me. [More on that next week.]

This is also funny: EVERY DAY I worry about repacking and making everything fit, especially since I’m coming home at Christmas and I want to bring gifts. Apparently I love to worry about things that matter NOT AT ALL right now.

I found one thing that I want to bring home that I absolutely can’t. Out Of The Blue. Gracious. I saw them perform yesterday and it was an absolute pleasure. So for your weekend, I present to you a song by the boys that will not fit in my suitcase, no matter how hard I try.

P.S- anyone who knows the Stoltzfus family- doesn’t the lead guy look like a missing Stoltz brother? I. KNOW. I thought so too.

P.P.S- totes sorry about missing Top 5 Friday. Why don’t you read back on some oldies and play along today?

P.P.P.S- Happy weekend. 🙂

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