2 months: SPEAK LOVE!

Well friends, Speak Love comes out in just two short months. It makes me feel like panicking and cheering and staying in bed and running around my neighborhood screaming. So, that’s great.

What I need the most, like THE MOST, is for you to pray.

[I did this video a few weeks ago, before we had the final cover, so that’s why it starts like that. Am I overexplaining? Of course.]

[Hey subscribers… there is a video here. Click over, yo.]

How you can pray:

1. Please pray that above all else, God would be glorified.

2. Please pray that God would put this book into all the right hands and none of the wrong ones.

3. Please pray that God would convict and redeem the mean girls – that this mindset would no longer have a place in our society.

4. Please pray that God would open all the right doors for the book and for me as the author and CLOSE THE WRONG ONES [and if you wanna, you can pray that I’ll be cool with closed doors knowing that God is in control!].

5. Please pray that God would change each girl’s world who reads this book- that her school, her family, her relationships, and her life would be different because of what He speaks to her heart through this book.

[PS- the song in the video is Spirit Speaks by All Sons and Daughters. Just in case you fell in love with it like I do every time I hear  it.]

Also. ALSO. I’m speaking tonight at The Bloom Conference about the importance of belonging- how much we want to belong, all the places we belong, and what it looks like to belong to Christ. I am really excited and expectant about what God is going do to this weekend!!! So pray for that as well if you don’t mind.

Happy Friday! Hope y’all have a great weekend.

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