cyber monday sale

Alright, friends! HERE WE GO!

For today and today only, we’re doing 30% off everything in the store and FREE SHIPPING!

The prices have already been changed and shipping is goneski, so no code needed or any crazy jazz like that.

There are limited supplies for every item, so the quicker the better if you want a particular size t-shirt.

We’ve also got some goodies in Santa Sarah’s shop…. you know, my intern who is amazing that really runs the show around here… so each package will include stickers and an autographed poster and bookmarks and whatever other excitement we find around here.

No kidding. Sarah just said, “We have deals that will SLEIGH you.” I’m more proud of her punny-ness than you can imagine.

If Speak Love is the turkey, our store is offering all the fixin’s at 30% off and no shipping cost. So go ahead and grab Christmas gifts for the gals in your life- friends, daughters, babysitters, nieces, college students.

Happy Cyber Monday, friends. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good sale!

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