E-cards and Friendsgiving.

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Recently, when brainstorming about my job and what I do and how I spend my time, someone asked me why we created Speak Love Now.

[I’ve told you about it before.]

In October, hundreds of people sent Speak Love Now e-cards to people in their lives that just needed a moment of encouragement. And on Pinterest? Cards from the Speak Love Now Board are being shared EVERY SINGLE DAY. Like, lots of them.

What’s the deal?

Earlier this week, we had a friends-giving dinner and fourteen of us crowded around a warm dining room table, plates piled high with casseroles and turkey. As is typical this time of year, we went around the table and said what we were grateful for. Over and over, each person echoed a version of the same thing.

“I thankful for you,” he would say, “and for the people around this table.”

“This year has been hard,” she said, “but you guys have helped so much.”

“Sometimes I forget what home feels like,” she spoke quietly, “but here I remember. This is home.”

Call me cheesy. Call me predictable. But here is the truth- we feel these emotions ALL YEAR LONG and for some reason, we say it once a year, sitting around a table.

I believe in Speak Love Now and the power of one sentence to change someone’s day. I saw it- over and over again- around the table this week. I saw the teary eyes and the things long needing to be said. I see it when teen girls are encouraged by their leaders or parents. I see it when my college girls need permission to be brave.

Just one sentence. It can change so much.

I wonder – who today, in your life, could use just a quick one sentence reminder that they matter to you?

Call them. Tell them around any table. Send them a message. Don’t miss the chance to say the thing that could really change someone’s day.

Have a great weekend, friends. Love your people – with your time, your actions, AND your words.

And I’ll try to do the same.

Let's be friends!

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