I like March 6th.

Last year, on March 6, I signed the book deal for Perfectly Unique.

This year, on March 6, I FINALLY get to tell you….

You guys?

I signed my next book deal with Zondervan last week.

Squeal. Freak out. Panic. Shock. Whoa.

I know. I felt all those things too.

I’m going to tell you ALL ABOUT THE BOOK tomorrow, but today- I want to tell you about signing the book deal because it was a really sweet thing.

[I’m really excited. Like whoa excited. Just wanted to make sure you knew that part.]

When you sign a book deal, you sign three copies of said deal. So I decided to pick three places that mean a lot to me right now and sign one copy of the book deal at each. Because hello my name is Annie and I am always looking for sentimental experiences.

#1: Girls of Grace Nashville + my CrossPoint small group


Sweet sweet girls- Caroline, Hannah, Sarah, Jordin, Hannah, and Kendall. I love them so… and the other half of our group that was not there that day. And then all those girls of grace in the background? So fun.


I love their faces.

These two things? Girls of Grace and my small group? Probably two of the best things to come into my life in 2012. And those small group girls have watched and prayed and been a part of this whole book writing process, so I wanted them to be there when the signing moment happened. [That’s not all of ’em, but half of ’em.]

#2- Portland Brew with my besties


Just like last year, I wanted to sign a copy in my favorite Nashville coffee shop with some of my favorite girls- Lyndsay, Nichole, and Amber. I could not be more grateful for these girls. And about forty-five seconds after this picture, another friend’s husband came rushing in. I had invited her, she had missed the text, and sent him in her stead since she was across town.

That’s friendship. Those are my people. It meant a ton.

#3- Vanderbilt Baseball Game


I signed the paper right when my buddy/brother/intern Connor was up to bat. Remember I am way beyond sentimental.


My boys- Joel, Connor, Jared, Keenan, Andrew, and Will. Don’t even get me started.

The cursor has blinked here for minutes. I don’t know how to tell you what is in my heart for these boys. I just know they live there. In my heart.

. . . . .

When I thought of the three places in Nashville that meant the most to me, three places that I wanted to mark with this experience, these were them. [Obviously I wish my family could have been here, but no go. Saving them for the next one.]

I’m excited about the book. I’m really excited. LIKE WHOA EXCITED. You guys are gonna love it, I think. But I am also excited about and grateful for the sweet people that are living this experience with me. And when you read the book, these are the characters that you will see pop in and out. That’s how my writing works – you live in my life, you live in my heart, you live in my books. For better or for worse, I guess.

Thank you for your support of Perfectly Unique, who, in fact, is six months old this week! [Happy half-birthday, sister! Proud of your little purple chucks self!] I’m overly teary right now in my life, but trust me, as I write about these people and the fact I got to write ANOTHER book and the fact that you still show up here? I’m a puddle of tears. God is so kind.

Can’t wait to tell you all about Speak Love tomorrow. [Eep! Title spoiler!]

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