speak love coverOkay, friends! Time to get your pre-order on!

Here’s the thing. Speak Love releases in one month. You know this. You’ve been sweet enough to pray. I’m grateful.

Now here’s the fun part.

My sweet people at Zondervan have created this little Pre-Order Package that you get totally for FREEEEE when you order Speak Love.


You’ll get all this jazz, worth more than way more than $12, just for ordering the book now instead of waiting 20-something days.


That necklace is THIS NECKLACE that will cost you $15 online starting next month. So what I’m saying is… YOU ARE GETTING AN ADORABLE $15 NECKLACE FOR FREE. And all that other stuff. Wowie zowie.

I know. The people at Zondervan DONE LOST THEIR MIIIIIIIINDS. [Lucky for us.] 🙂

At the bottom of the pre-order page, it says that only the first 100 people will get this special pack. Well, the people on my email list got the scoop earlier this week and already we’ve way outsold 100 copies, so Zondervan is being rad and re-ordering everything so that you get a chance to get the swag too.


So listen. My people. Here’s all you have to do:

  • Go to the Speak Love Pre-Order page
  • Upload your receipt from purchasing Speak Love from your favorite online retailer [a screenshot is fine]
  • Fill out the information
  • Click SUBMIT!

….and you’ll get all these goodies in the mail soon!

[If you’ve already ordered the book- that’s great! Just pull up your email order confirmation, screen shot it, and booyah!]

I want to tell you something, and maybe it’s getting a bit to vulnerable or something, but I’m going for it.

It matters a lot to me if you’ll choose to pre-order this book. My heart, as you know from my prayer video, is that this book will change the world. And I really mean that. But it can only change the world if lots and LOTS of teen girls get to read it. That will only happen if my people buy it first and then when it releases, Speak Love will pop to the top of book lists where other moms of teens and teen girls themselves are looking.

It’s just really exciting to dream what could happen with this book in the lives of young women who read it, but I need your help to get there. Zondervan doing this pre-order is one way that this book can reach farther than we can imagine, y’all. And all for God’s glory. [You know me. You know that.]

So if you are planning to buy the book, anytime between now and release day [August 20] would be really really awesome. But if you do it now, you get lots of free stuff too. So, win win. 🙂

And look, if you have a teen gal friend, how RAD would this be as a gift pack? You would look like you spent $40 on her gift and it only actually cost you the price of the book. So, I’m here to help you look like a baller.

You’re welcome. 🙂

If you have any issues, just let me know.

Otherwise…. get that pre-order swag, y’all!

Happy weekend. Live it up. Summertime sweetness.

And thank you. I’m real grateful for y’all. Like whoa grateful. <3

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