So….. that happened.

How does one write a blog post after a bazillion people read the previous blog post?

Great question.

First of all, I’d like to say thanks. For sharing the post, for checking on me to make sure I didn’t explode when AnnieBlogs did, and for you regulars, thanks for knowing my heart.

One of my mentors / big brothers / board member Kyle Chowning really helped out through the day and then wrote a really kind post about the experience.

All in all, it’s been a pretty cool week and I’m still me and you’re still you and happy Wednesday. The best thing to do after a bazillion people come to your blog? Keep being you. I was Annie when I wrote on Monday and I’m Annie writing today.

So here’s what I would have told you on Wednesday either way. 🙂

I think I’ve told you before how I absolutely positively adore my pastor’s kids. [To be fair, there are a handful of kids at my church that I think are just the best humans on earth and I love them so much. But today, we are focused on these three jokers.] Here I am with the Wilson boys at a Vanderbilt baseball game this spring. They are my people.

Wilson bros

Brandi Wilson, the mama Wilson and one of my dear friends, helps run a super cool website, Leading and Loving It, for pastors’ wives [not me!] and women in ministry [me!]. It’s a great community. And on Sunday, Brandi and I decided to do a little interview about Speak Love for the site and Gage, the middle Wilson boy [in age… far right in picture], decided to be a major part of the interview. It’s perfect. Hop over to their site where you can watch the video and enter to win an autographed copy of Speak Love.

[Please watch the video, and just watch Gage. He’s incredibly entertaining. Seriously, I can’t watch it and look anywhere else.]


While Miley took over my life for a minute two days there, lots of fun things with Speak Love were going on, like the book trailer releasing!

I have some thoughts before you watch:

  • I sometime wonder why spaghetti straps always slip off my shoulders but this video is showing me a new truth- my shoulders are very round and are not shaped to hold things up. Now I understand.
  • We filmed this while I was in Grand Rapids a few weeks ago.
  • I’m glad you can’t see my fingernails well. It was bad. Gross and short and woof. We’re in a better place now.
  • I did not intentionally match my lipstick to the back wall.
  • The part in my hair is extreme. Forgive me. I had a new straightener.
  • Let me explain this: two wonderful men were in the room with me when we were filming this. No women. Hence the lack of hair fixing.
  • At 1:03 my eyebrows get expressive like whoa.
  • The still shot of the video? My face is VERY CONCERNED INDEED.

And now that I’ve said too much, here’s the video.

Oh man, I can’t get enough of talking about getting rid of the mean girl. Maybe Monday with Miley was a step in that direction? Let’s pray so.

Happy normal Wednesday, friends. Here’s to a happy normal Thursday as well. 🙂

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