Speak Love Now.

I hope you’ve caught on to the vision of this book a little bit now.

Watch the trailer again if not.

(Subscribers, there is a video here. Just FYI. You know, if you wanna click over or whatevs.)

See, Speak Love isn’t just a book. It’s a movement. And it’s time to really get the ball rolling.

You know about the book.

You know the journal exists. [It doesn’t release for a few weeks, so hang tight. I just got mine in the mail and HOLY CANOLI IT IS ADORABLE. But Amazon says they have it? Maybe they do. It’s official release is September 17th.]

But here are some other things to help spread the word and launch the movement that will end the mean girl mentality.

First, we have officially opened the Speak Love store, with two shirts and two pieces of custom jewelry!

Meet my adorable intern Sarah.


She’s wearing our Speak Love VNeck Tshirt. It’s sooooo cute. There’s also a grey crew neck tshirt. Also adorbs.


Here is the necklace. I think it is absolutely gorgeous. So are the earrings!

My hope for these four products is that as young women and women of all ages wear them, that heart speech bubble will come to be recognized as the opportunity to speak love and accountability to use words to create life and build up others.

Pretty much, I hope it gets plastered everywhere, until the enemy trembles a little when he sees it, like the banner over an army that he knows he won’t defeat.

[Don’t even get me started. I’ll be preaching before you even know it.]

Secondly, here’s the awesome big announcement – SPEAKLOVENOW.COM

So a few months ago my friend Matt and I sat at our favorite coffee shop and brainstormed to death about this book- what could we do to give women the chance to speak love to each other? And we thought about ecards, so I told my team at Zondervan. Next thing I know Zondervan and Prolific are partnered up and good gravy we have nine free Speak Love e-cards for you to send!


They look like this and you can either email them or post them on a friend’s facebook wall or tweet them to your family, friends, or even your favorite celebrities.

We hopefully have made it very easy to share because we want these puppies flying all over the internet believing that to start knocking down the wall of angry words, we chisel with tools like this.

So check out the ecards and let me know what you think! Also, will you look through the options and let me know if there are any other cards you’d like to see offered?

My goal this week is to send five Speak Love Now e-cards. Wanna join me? 

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