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thatisbravesquared[Once a week, I am going to be sharing with you a brave story sent in from a reader. You can comment, respond, encourage. Want to submit your own story or a story of a brave friend of yours? Head to thatisbrave.com!]

This week’s #thatisbrave story comes from Elizabeth. Sharing your story is always brave, friends. Her words and name are used with her permission.

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I was in a small group a few years ago, we were given the opportunity to share our life stories. I was one of the first ones to share, there was a lot of shock as to what I have been through and how I have overcomes the obstacles.

A couple of weeks later I was sitting in church, watching a baptism video, and my pastor comes and sits next to me. He looks at me and asks, will you share your story in church today? My heart instantly started beating fast, my anxiety kicked in and I wanted to run. But I looked at him and said, YES! As he walked away, I thought what did I just say?!? Sitting through his sermon, I was nervous, scared, and worried. But I prayed for God’s peace and when he asked me to come up, I did and shared what has happened in my life.

After I finished, church was over and I was shocked at how many people came up to me and shared how they related to me. I look back and see how brave I was to just share my heart.


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Any words of encouragement for Elizabeth? Share them below!

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