That Is Brave

Every day, I hear story after story of courage. (Not a bad gig, to tell ya the truth.)

You sweet people email me, text me, tag me on the internet, as you share your brave stories. And as I am traveling around the country and speaking to groups, you cannot imagine how many stories of courage I am getting to hear.

Each time, I think, “Man, I wish everyone could hear this!”

I believe there is something super powerful about putting brave on display- in your life, in the lives of the people you love, in the art you see or read or hear. Because when we see brave out in the world, it inspires, doesn’t it?

So. We’re going to try something.


It’s about bringing brave to life by telling stories of bravery around the country that often go unnoticed. We want to shine a light on those stories- I want you to have a chance to tell the world about the brave moments you see every day in the people around you. I may never make it to your town, but you can tell us all about brave today.

This afternoon, I’m going to post a picture of my bookshelf, because as I continue to dream about what other books I want to write, I think, “man, it takes a lot of courage to write a book, and all these people have done it.” (Probably because I’m scared to write the next book BUT THAT IS NOT TODAY’S TOPIC, YOU GUYS.)

Do you see brave when you look around your life?

Who is displaying courage? Someone battling a disease? A fear? A dream?

How do you see brave moments in your family? In your own life? In your friends?

Are you reading something that sounds brave? Watched a film that reminded you of something brave?

I’ve built a little page over here ( to give you some ideas and give you a place to share your story. Once a week, I’m going to post a brave story or two here on the blog- and you can share a brave story with me here. I’d love to feature you if you’d be willing to share your story.

Here’s the goal. There is one goal.

I want you to realize how brave you already are.

And I think when you hear other stories, they will sound like your story, and you will realize you are braver than you give yourself credit for. And we will cheer for each other and see it in each other and we will all be braver for it.

So. Your turn. Tell me on twitter, Facebook, instagram, blog, whatever. Just use the hashtag #thatisbrave and it will collect on and we’ll all be able to see it!

So cool, huh? Can’t wait for you to play along.

When you see brave, say so.

. . . . .

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