A delish dinner.

It’s been a while since I told you what I’m feeding my small group gals…. as in, like, it’s been a year. Man, just seeing that post makes me feel tired. That chicken was good but TIME INTENSIVE LIKE WHOA.

Over the weekend while I was in Texas- Halloween night to be precise, I had these chicken tacos that I just adored. So I came home and recreated it to put over baked potatoes [at my friend Brooke’s recommendation]. We also had brussel sprouts and banana bread. [Banana bread recipe coming tomorrow. So get ready.]

Lauren, who made the chicken for the tacos, said I needed Stubb’s Pork Marinade. I worried I wouldn’t be able to find it in my local grocery store, but HUZZAH! it was there. You can also order it on Amazon if you can’t find it. Here’s what it looks like.


It’s soooo easy to make the chicken. Nine of us ate and there are still probably three servings of chicken left over for lunch today. I took four chicken breasts and threw them in the crockpot with half a chopped onion and about 3/4 of the jar of Stubbs. I cooked it on high for a few hours, then pulled it out, shredded the cooked chicken, then put it back in there with the rest of the Stubbs and let it sit on low for another hour or so- until the girls arrived.

We had the shredded chicken over baked potatoes and the regular fixings [bacon, cheese, sour cream, butter… all things I do not eat but my people enjoy immensely] as well as these amazing brussel sprouts from Barefoot Contessa, my culinary and lifestyle hero. [I mean, living on the Hamptons and walking to your local florist? Please and thank you.]

Also. One of my girls was glad to have the sour cream because she felt the chicken was spicy. But on a spice scale, it was literally a 2. She has an admittedly wimpy palate.


Sooooo delicious. Next time you need a new super easy dinner idea, try this out!

I like to keep up my pinterest board with recipe ideas for the gals. It’s easier than purchasing the Duggar Family Cookbook. But do you have any good feed-lots-of-faces recipes to share with me? 

And tomorrow- Kath’s banana bread. It will bless you.

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