I’m eating the broken pieces right now.


Mmmm…… chocolate covered pretzels.  And oh so fancy looking.  [The bizarro tint to this photo is because I took the picture while they were in the fridge.  Why I didn’t just take them out for a moment is a question for the ages.]

This is my favorite Christmas treat to make. Well, that being said, I also really like the white chocolate with pieces of peppermint in it.  Really, you can combine anything with “white chocolate” and you will have my undivided attention.

I literally had to make 150 of these for Saturday, but 3 of them broke.  So I arrived at the party with only 147.  I was allowed in anyways.  Full of grace, that’s what these Nashville people are.

Seriously all you need for this recipe is three things.  Pretzels. White chocolate bark. Milk chocolate bark.  [Ok, and here is the thing.  Make this recipe your own.  Use peppermint extract, or pieces of peppermint, or sprinkles or smaller pretzels.  Whatever you want.  Here are some other options.]

I used one bag of pretzels, 1 full box of white chocolate, and only half a box of milk chocolate.pretzels2

And seriously.  This is so easy.  Just melt the white chocolate in the microwave.  I use one of those big honkin’ glass measuring thingys. [Now I’m getting all technical in my terminology. Sorry.] Once the white chocolate is melted, just dip the pretzels in it and lay them on a wire cooling rack.  If you are putting piece of peppermint on them, you’ll want to do that before the chocolate completely cools.



To speed up the process, you can set them in the fridge to harden.  But I will warn you, that is when I lost the 3 pretzels.  Trying to bust them off the cooling rack after setting in the fridge was a challenge to be sure.

But once the chocolate has hardened, lay them on wax paper.  Then melt the milk chocolate.  Using a fork, dip it in the milk chocolate and start slinging it over the pretzels.  Very messy, which I tend to think is quite a joy.


[Please notice.  Broken pretzels in top left corner. DOH. And chocolate slung all over the place, including onto the knife block. DOH.]

Place these in the fridge to get all cool and tough [like me] and then they are ready to serve.  I have NO IDEA why I didn’t take a picture of the full tray of 147 pretzels because it was a MOUND O CHOCOLATE, I tell ya.  But I did snap a shot of Betsy enjoying said pretzels at the party.betsy

Oh she is a happy party goer now, folks.  Yum.


And I also promised yesterday that I would tell you my favorite gift to give this year.  And that is THIS SHIRT.  For realz.  In fact, I placed my rather large order just yesterday.

Because not only do you give your friend/family/coworker/adopted inmate a new cool shirt, but you also get to pick which project the money supports.  And included with the shirt is a little card explaining the project.  Yeah, it is WAY awesome.

Now, if someone would just dip that tshirt in white chocolate, I could die in peace. Probably choking on a sleeve or something.

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