Equally as serious: Big Top Cupcakes.

Thank you for your kind words and thoughts and prayers and emails regarding yesterday’s post. I don’t think you come here day after day to hear me whine about unhealthy thought patterns, but I appreciate you giving me a few days to emotionally vomit all over you computer screen.

Today we feature something of equal importance: using my Big Top Cupcake Bake Set. [Kidding… not as important… but I deal with serious stuff by being silly… sorry.]

My cool Aunt Carol gave this to me for Christmas and I finally had the chance to use it a few weeks ago. Our friend Fulmer moved to Africa [abridged version of the story] and so I wanted to make her a huge cupcake for the going away party.

So I gathered my ingredients [including one of my most treasured possessions, my KitchenAid mixer] and grabbed my camera and got to work!

Fulmer is a MAJOR University of Kansas fan, so I thought I’d make the cake blue. I actually had no idea it would take an ENTIRE BOTTLE OF FOOD COLORING.

Our chemical intake increased by 49% the day we ate this cake.

Filling the pans. [The Big Top directions tell you how full and where the lines are and so it’s easy. Also, I always read directions. So. That’s that.]

It grows in a crazy way when you cook it.

Then you have to slice the top off. You can see my slicing success in the background and my slicing attempts in the foreground.

And this right here is the last picture because after I took this one, I dropped my camera. [I told you all about that right when it happened.]

But here is the final product! I totally loved it.

Also. Those are bones on the cupcakes. Because we call her Bonesy. Long story short, here’s the nickname train for Fulmer.

Bobo –> Bobes –> Bones –> Bonesy

Hence the bones on cupcakes. You understand I’m sure.

Here’s the ole cupcake in action.

I was wearing a skirt like a dress. Someday I’ll explain that. To you and to me.

You have never met two people who collide and cause funny like these two shown below. They are their own circus sideshow. They dance. They sing. They know every move to double dream hands. [Please watch that video.]

And isn’t Bonesy b-e-a-utiful? I know.

The ceremonial cutting of the cupcake by Lyndsay and Bonesy.

That same day, I made a lemon Big Top Cupcake, but the ole diving camera situation made it impossible to show you the steps. But I took a pic of the presentation. Mainly because I’m ridiculously prideful of my icing handwriting.

But as usual, pride comes before a fall. The saran wrap stuck to the 25 and the letters and before I even got to the party, the writing was just an ugly homage to what used to be.


Does anyone else have a Big Top Cupcake Bake Set? I would love to know what you make with yours or any secret tricks I should know about using this. Also- if I head back to Scotland [um… what if I said “when”?], I think I would take the Big Top with me. Totally worth the packing space.

Because the Big Top Cupcake Bake Set is pretty much a crowd pleaser. Amen?

. . . . . . . . . .

Some additional things:

We had a BBQ at our house a few weekends ago and somehow we ended up with a PLETHORA of chips afterwards. Mainly lots of bags of kettle chips. And I now have greasy paw prints all over my keyboard. You do the math [but don’t judge me].

I gave our trainer at Boot Camp the stink eye on Thursday as a thanks for making me run up a hill while carrying weights. I think Obama is gonna have to give me a purple heart after this thang ends.

Happy weekend. Hugs.

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