I drank a piece of cake.

A few things before we get to the topic at hand [I literally DRANK a piece of cake!]:

– I read every.single.thing you recommended last week. Thank you so much.

– For your sweet comments regarding my soon-to-be-released book, thank you so much.

– For your co-love of Mumford & Sons, thank you very much.

I need to apologize for not responding more personally to your blog comments as of late. I hate it. And I am truly sorry. Part of being a good blogger is responding to comments, and I’ve been terrible about it. Forgive me and know that I read EVERY.SINGLE.COMMENT. And very soon my workload lightens and I shall return to being a professional emailer.


On to the fact that I drank a piece of cake on Saturday.

My friend Emily and I were at Portillo’s. Long story short, I was in Chicago for about 24 hours- drove up Friday, drove home Saturday. And as we were ready to drive back to Nashville, Emily needed [for the second meal of our four meal trip] a hot dog from Portillo’s.

She bragged about this milkshake- the “Chocolate Cake Shake”- and said it was the most delicious thing she’d ever had.

[And I was raised this way- if there is a food item that is unique to an area or restaurant, that is OBVIOUSLY the best thing to get because you may never get the chance to try that again.]

I never really read what the menu said it was, but I thought “Chocolate Shake.” Critical mistake.

Because it was not a chocolate shake. It was a chocolate CAKE shake.

Y’all. They LITERALLY blend a piece of chocolate cake, and the icing, with ice cream to make it a milkshake.

I drank a few sips and said, “Emily, what is IN THIS THING?” The confusion on her face was clear, and it was equally clear that I’m an idiot.

She said, “Annie. It is literally a piece of cake.”

You’ve been with me long enough to know that I am not one to starve my sweet tooth. I am not a cake hater and I am a milkshake enthusiast. But this was a little too much for me even. Which is really saying something.

And to be real honest with you, it was kinda gross. Chunks of cake coming through a straw? It’s just not natural, I tell you.

I kept saying, “Em, this thing isn’t so good” and then in totes typical Annie fashion, I would drink two more sips. I finally had to pour it out the window and it splattered to the ground in one big chunk. [May have needed a bit more blending.]

The only silver lining was that I knew it gave me a good story for the ole blog. So I googled to find a picture and found an entire post about this shake at the website called….

This Is Why You’re Fat.


And point taken.

What’s the best thing you ate this weekend?

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