I hate bell peppers.

There really isn’t enough arguing and opposing opinions going on right now, so my friend Allison and I thought we would add our own disagreement to the internet today.

Here’s what.

I hate bell peppers.

There are lots of veggies that I can stomach for the sake of health and a few that I even like, but probably the only one that I absolutely avoid and sometimes am tempted to call an “allergy” [flat out lie] so I don’t have to eat them is bell peppers.

“But Annie, what about green ones? They are super yummy! Or red? Or yes, those beautiful yellow….”

Listen. They aren’t. I don’t like them chopped up in my chili and I don’t like them stuffed with delicious stuffing. I don’t like them in quesadilla or, heaven forbid, on a veggie tray. Just having them sitting along side a beautiful carrot or a tasty cauliflower bunch can ruin my day.

I think bell peppers are the bossiest and most overbearing vegetable. You know, if you order a pizza and it has mushrooms on it and you don’t like mushrooms, no biggie. You can pick them off. But if you order ANYTHING and there are bell peppers involved, that sickly sweet pepper taste invades every other food item. Bossy. Bossy. Bossy. Overbearing.

[My roomie has two sliced in the drawer of our fridge and NONE of my stuff is in that drawer… just to be safe.]

I try to be a fairly easy dinner guest and I am absolutely not a picky eater, but I have such a strong aversion to peppers that the smell of them even makes me shiver with dislike. Mama always taught me to eat what someone offers and for the most part, I can do it. But if I show up somewhere and the meal of choice is peppers stuffed with peppers with a side of grilled peppers, blech. [I’m not kidding y’all, just writing about this keeps making me say “gross” outloud and shaking my head in disgust.]

My emotions may not always be right, but at least they are strong. That counts for something, right?


Oh, okay.

So I’m asking you nicely, please don’t contaminate my life with peppers of any shade. Please don’t be offended if your pepper delicacy never crosses my lips. I’m a nice girl and I’m pretty easy to get along with, but me and peppers? No way no how.


. . . . .

Does anyone else hate peppers? Or is there another food item that you absolutely cannot stand? Tell me about it in the comments!

If you totally love peppers, like you put peppers in your breakfast scramble [gross] and on your salads at lunch and sauteed for dinner [I’m gagging], then pop over to Allison’s blog and leave a pro-pepper comment. We’re curious to see, between our two blogs, whether peppers are loved or hated.

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