Parfait perfection.

First of all, thanks for all your sweet birthday well wishes. 29 sure seems to be shaping up beautifully so far.

On to the more important bloggy things. Like dessert.

So Annie Parsons introduced me to Deb Barnett.

And Deb Barnett introduced me to what shall be called “The Dessert That Defined My Summer 2009”.

Here’s the recipe – go get it from Deb. It just makes more sense that way. But here is a photo-montage of the day my addiction began.

Ye ingredients, gather round. I’m going to tell you a little story of a 29 year old blogista who has a soft spot in her heart for low-fat desserts with fruit.img_0644

Here’s the mixed jellos [had to go with raspberry instead of cranberry. But still delicious.] with the milk and sour cream.img_0646

Then I mixed in the Cool Whip and as my friend Marisa says, “Oops.” Maybe that isn’t exactly in the recipe directions, but how is one supposed to resist dipping a Nilla Wafer in the pudding? Sheesh. What do you think I am? Made of steel?img_0647

Then I attempted to set up the camera so I could be photographed with the parfait. Dear Annie, remember to actually SET the timer when you want to use it. [Let’s all be grateful I didn’t go into brain surgery as a profession.]img_0648

And let’s try that again.img_0650

Much better. But still a bit weird to take a picture of yourself, alone at home, with a dessert. But whatevs.

Now. I’m no Pioneer Woman, but I kinda love this shot. Deb is always looking for the perfect bite and I think I may have captured it.img_0658



I highly recommend this recipe [and really any recipe that Deb has on her blog]. I think with this one, you could substitute any fruit jello and any fruit. Make it your own. Embrace it. And join me in celebrating summer correctly- with a parfait in one hand, and your camera in the other. 🙂

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