Pizza Rollz for my people.

Friday night was somethin’, y’all. Really somethin’.

You know those crazy college gals that I meet with every week? They spent the night. All of them, minus one. [You can twitter stalk the whole experience by looking up the hashtag #smallgroupsnoozle. It’s funny.]

We had a crazy good time. I’m not gonna blog about how much they ate because they hate when I tell y’all that. And I’m not gonna blog about what we talked about or what we did because mainly, we just had a really great time together before they go home for the summer.

Thanks to my pal Embracing Grace, I found this killer recipe for pizza rollz. So we went for it. I got my sous chef Sarah into the kitchen and we got our roll on for realz.

We started just like the recipe described. Took crescent rolls, laid ’em out, put on the turkey pepperoni and half a string cheese stick.

Easy cheesy. Literally.

That’s my Sous Sarah. She’s a doll. Here she is mixing Italian seasonings with garlic salt to make some sort of  powder drizzle for the top of the pizza rollz.

One thing we decided in our chef-ing [huh?] was that the rolls are better if you close the ends. But then my poor vegetarian could have been bamboozled by a pepperoni. We made some with just cheese on the inside, ya see. So we created an identification system. Tiny pepperoni triangles placed on top of the meaty rolls…. Sous Sarah is a genius.

How beautiful are THOSE? I know. The gals loved ’em.

Serve it with a bowl of warm pizza sauce and whoa mama these are delicious. I would like to try to make them again with more veggies [by “more” I mean “some”] and maybe other meats? I dunno. I just think it is an easy starter recipe that has a bazillion combo possibilities.

Don’t judge our snack table. We’re growing girls.

We eat strawberries and oreos. My people, they are balanced.

And I miss them already.

[Wanna read more about my small group? They’re amazing.]

I’m continuing to bulk up my Feeding The 13 board on Pinterest. Have more big group / low cost recipes that I can start collecting before the gals return in the fall?

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