Teach me how to Duggar.

You know how some of you guys have little people in your lives and you have to feed them a few times a day?


I don’t have those. I mainly just have to make sure I have cereal and bananas and a piece of chicken every now and again. Or make sure I know which of my friends are going out each night so I can go out to eat too.

But once a week, I have these chickadees to feed.

Twelve girls from Cross Point Downtown pop by the house each week and we eat and talk and pray and cry and hug and share and do all manner of awesome things.


I don’t know how to cheaply feed twelve growing gals. [Read: they are not afraid to eat.]

Don’t be deceived by their utter cuteness. They can put away some grub.

I’m not going to tell you about this child and her love for Mexican Seven Layer Dip. Just trust me. It’s there.

So here is where you lay-deez who feed millions [ie- the Duggars] teach me how to feed tens. We need variety, volume, and we need it cheap. Also, to throw a culinary wrench in your plans, we have a vegetarian. I don’t know she hates meat, but it makes me sad for her. So I have to have a veggie option each week. And we prefer to be mildly healthy… sometimes.

Here’s what we’ve had so far: Chicken Pot Pie in the crockpot [B- experience], Taco Soup with chicken [A+], breakfast for dinner [no one can hate that], and an appetizer night [A+, but high on the budget end].

Your links to good recipes, ideas for making filling food stretch, and your kitchen wisdom is greatly appreciated.

[Read: Help a sister out.]

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