Top 5 Friday: Foodie Blogs

I’ve decided that I want to add more foodie blogs to my google reader. [Our grandparents would totally not understand that sentence.] I have a few that I read and LOVE, but I want more More MORE!

With my new I cook or I don’t eat situation, I want to see pictures of beautiful healthy food and think, “I could make that” and then walk down and get the groceries I need and then make it. Shazaam. Like that.

. . . . .

Here are my five favorite foodie blogs that I already read…. you may love them too!

#1. Pioneer Woman

Don’t we all? Let’s be honest. There’s not an internet nerd out there who isn’t subscribed to her. Her photos. Her recipes. They are beautiful and delicious and sometimes less than healthy. But I love her.

#2. Joy The Baker

Lots of friends in Nashy love this blog and about eight different friends sent it to me in the same week. I was all, “Hey Joy The Baker… how did you just manage to invade our city?” She’s super cute and takes great photos and I’m pretty sure we’re gonna end up being friends. Only time will tell.

#3. The Perfect Bite

My friend Debbie runs this great website. She is way more adventurous than me and uses super cool ingredients. I read her blog mainly because I want to like the variety of foods she makes. Everything looks so beautiful. And yummy. Annie Parsons loves her. That’s enough proof for me. 🙂

#4. Dinner A Love Story

I love this family. They are funny and kind and interesting and if I was to live in New York, I would definitely invite myself over for dinner. Jenny often has different varieties of the same recipe, making it work for everyone in her family. As a lover of leftovers, that’s great for me too. She also has an amazing book out, Time for Dinner, that I highly recommend. [But we’re talking websites, Annie. Stay focused please. Sheesh.]

#5. Little Brooklyn Kitchen

Some friends of mine in NYC run this blog and it just holds a special place in my heart. They have simple recipes, perfect for 1-2 people, and it’s vegetarian – though not the way I eat, it’s nice for sides and good ideas. And I think the pictures are really well done.

. . . . .


Who is your favorite foodie blogger / recipe website ? [Also- cooking for one can be a challenge… any thoughts on that?]

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