Usurped by granola.

I intended to blog poetically today.

And instead, I spent the entirety of my evening volleying between my couch and the kitchen, setting the oven timer for 8 minute increments- attempting to make homemade granola.

I think, to give you the full picture of my experience, I should mention these things.

a) I didn’t have all the necessary ingredients. For example, in lieu of cinnamon, I had to use pumpkin pie spice. And being that I only had one type of oats, I used a lot and then added craisins.

[I’m nothing if not kitchen creative.]

b) I didn’t measure well. And I was trying to use up all the honey in my honey bear. So there is a slight chance [real chance] that there was an abundance of honey in ye old granola.

I couldn’t bring myself to call Amber, the local granola goddess. She is full of grace and forgiveness, but I just didn’t want her to know I was actively butchering her recipe [the granola recipe is yours for the taking, by the way].

[Also. Amber and I made videos about making granola. A granola shopping trip and a granola cooking class.]

When I made said granola last night, instead of it taking 17 minutes to cook at 350 degrees, it cooked for ONE HOUR.


I thought I was done after 17 minutes. I pulled the granola out and celebrated my culinary success with a bowl of granola and yogurt [raspberry goji yogurt, just FYI]. At this point, I realized it was sticky. Like major sticky. Like definitely not crispy.

So we cooked again. That’s when 5 sets of 8 minutes in the oven began. Stir, smell, put in oven, wait 8 minutes, pull out, stir, and repeat.

So while it may have turned out pretty [ooohh……aaaahh…..]

it stole my entire evening. Sheesh.

But just like a cute boy, I’m quick to forgive when it looks this good.

[aaaannnddd…’re welcome.]

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