TOP 5 FRIDAY: A candy-coated situation.

TOP 5 FRIDAY is when we each list five of our favorite things, depending on the topic. Feel free to join in via the comments or by posting on your own blog and linking back here. Play along. It’s Friday.

. . . . .

You see, I find myself in a bit of a situation.

When my herd of a small group came over on Tuesday, we had soup and grilled cheese sandwiches and M&Ms for dessert. [By the way, I did the sammies in the oven and it was a massive success. 450 degrees. Flip after 6 minutes. Boom.]

I thought those girlies would eat all of the candy, like they did the grilled goodness.

They didn’t.

So that is my situation.

About thirty feet from my current location sits a bag of M&Ms that are practically screaming to be eaten. Because they are, in fact, my favorite candy. Hence the reason I do not keep candy in the house. Candy knows my name. And calls to me.

But I am the picture of self-control [yeah right], so I am going to resist [at least, I’m gonna try].

So if I cannot partake, I will write about. [Insert joke here regarding writing a post about sex? Nah. But it would have been a good laugh. You get it? If I can’t partake, I’ll write about it? And I’m single, so…. Forget it. I’ve over-explained. Joke ruined.]

On to today’s Top 5 Friday…..

Here, in no particular order, are my TOP 5 favorite candies!

 1. M&Ms

Well, that is one in particular order. M&Ms are my favorite. In fact, I’m speaking this weekend and the very first story I am going to share is about my love for M&Ms. It’s a very touching and moving story. [Not really, it is just funny.] And because I know the question is burning in your soul, no- I am not picky about what type of M&M. Original is my favorite, but I have never met one I didn’t like.



We are all grateful that this sugar concoction is only available for a short time each year because heavens. to. betsy. I love those eggs. Some say, “they are just too sweet for me.” I say, “I wish they were too sweet for me.” They aren’t. I adore them. I have a limit on how many my system can handle. I just haven’t found that limit yet.



No kidding, these things make my mouth hurt. I think they are made of pure sugar and a plethora of chemicals and I am ALL IN. One of these days I’m gonna break a tooth eating a chewy sweet tart and you will say, “I saw that one coming in March of 2012 when she told us about them.” Mark my words. But they are tart and nice… words I also use to describe my sister.



This is a homage to the Scottish half of my soul because Twisteds are not commonly carried in the USA. These are candy bars that are virtually five tiny cadbury creme eggs connected together. I won’t tell you how many I came home with in 2008 after a few weeks in Scotland. Nor will I tell you what happened to every. last. one. of. them.




Caveat: this is a movie theater only candy for me. These feel like a special treat because I save them only for the big screen. I have, on more than one occasion, spilled an entire box on the floor of the theater. As you can imagine, it makes me real popular with my fellow patrons. Next time you pop in to catch a flick, try this candy. Then report back to me asap.

. . . . .

I hope you now see why it is a terrible decision for me to keep candy in my home. Yikes.

I will now walk farther away from the M&Ms and encourage my roommate to eat them while I’m gone this weekend.

. . . . .


What are your favorite candies? Are you a chocolate kinda gal? Or a sour patch kid? Tell us which confections call to you. 


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