TOP 5 FRIDAY: Favorite movies!

I love Top 5 Fridays… it really gives us some lovely insight into each other’s lives. And into each other’s diets, free time, and things we enjoy watching or doing.

What I’m saying is, every Top 5 Friday is like a date. Sorta.

A friend date. With lots and lots of other people participating.

So…. things just got weird.

My apologies. We don’t have to talk about our dating lives anymore.

Let’s talk about our Top 5 Favorite movies! [And, I’m going to take this a step further. I’d like to be eating snocaps and drinking a coke icee. You’re welcome.]

This is not an any particular order… except the order I wrote them down. Subconciously was I listing them? Maybe. But we’ll never know.

. . . . . . . . . .

1. Pride and Prejudice

Why?: I like the short one more than the long one, for starters. I love the outfits, the soundtrack, and the time when she spins around in tire swing. I love it all.

Favorite scene: This one time when I was kinda hanging out with this guy, I was watching this movie and RIGHT when everyone disappears from the dance floor but Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth, he called.

It remains my favorite scene even though that boy did not remain my favorite.

2. Dead Poet’s Society

Why?: I saw it the first time in 8th grade when we were doing the play A Midsummer’s Night Dream. I loved Robin Williams in this movie and I really enjoyed seeing the inner workings of a boys school…. something I would never otherwise. 🙂 This movie moved me and made me want to be a better teacher.

Favorite scene: The part with A Midsummer’s Night Dream. The dude who plays Puck was an absolute genius.


3. You’ve Got Mail

Why?: New York. Children’s bookstore. The internet. Daisies. Meg Ryan sitting on the floor of her bedroom eating a bowl of soup. I can quote this movie better than any other.

Favorite scene: When Joe Fox brings the little kids to the bookstore for storytime.



4. Mary Poppins

Why?: I think it is the songs. And Julie Andrews. And the way the movie inspired me to be a really stinkin’ good nanny. Also, as a 30 year old who still babysits from time to time, I have finally learned in the last two years how she is able to love those kids and still fly away.

Favorite scene: I always used to pretend to have a a boat on my roof like the neighbors, so that’s a good part. Also, when they laugh and float to the ceiling. I would love for that to happen.


5. Tommy Boy

Why?: Really? You have to ask? Then you need to watch it again.

Favorite scene: Yes. It is. Ok, seriously. I’ll try to think of one… when the car door falls off? When the M&Ms slide across the dashboard? When they go cow-tipping? I laughed heartily when I saw the movie in 1995 and I have laughed every time since.

. . . . . . . . . .


What are your favorite movies? Favorite scenes? Favorite snacks?

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