Top 5 Friday: iPhone Apps

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Last weekend at Girls of Grace, when Leigh from Point of Grace was planning to introduce me before I went on to speak, she called me over.

“This bio says you are a nerd. That’s not what you mean, right?” she asked.

I smiled. “Yep, I’m a total nerd. Tech nerd. I love the library. I love the internet. I love shows on PBS. So yeah, I definitely meant nerd.”

[And if anyone out there is a nerdfighter, DFTBA.]

And part of being a nerd, if you ask me, is having a good variety of iPhone apps [or iPad apps I guess]. My dear friend Kristi emailed me the other day and said, “Hey, will you tell me your five favorite iPhone apps?” and my little nerdy heart exploded into a thousand cubes of joy.

So these are my top 5 favorite iPhone apps today.

. . . . .

1. Instagram

Obviously. I use this ridiculously often. I love the social aspect of it, I love getting to edit and work with pictures, and I love funny hashtagging and comments. I also currently love how there are no ads, though with the recent purchase of Instagram by Facebook, it shall only be a matter of time. Unforch.


2. Diptic / Phonto

I’m grouping these puppies together because they are also photo-editing apps that I use on a photo before I put it into Instagram. Diptic is the one that let’s you do collages [like this] and Phonto lets you write on the pictures [like this].


3. What’s App / Viber

My lifelines while I’m in Scotland. Both of these apps allow for free international texting and Viber lets you call for free internationally. Crazy, right? It’s great. And I bullied all my Scotland friends into downloading one of the two apps so that even when I’m home, Louise and I can still text about funny things and Leisa and I can still keep up with our Alias addiction and Esther and I can still check in as much as we want. These apps make it bearable to survive with half my heart on the other side of the Atlantic.


4. ScanPages

Lyndsay and I have found this app to be super helpful in our freelance lives. You can take a picture of any document and it will turn it into a PDF that you can email to yourself or someone else. So instead of having to find a friend and beg them to scan my W9 so I can email it to some high profile magazine in New York City [yeah right], I can just make it into a PDF myself.


5. Lose It! 

Great at tracking calories, exercise, and the easiest thing is it scans bar codes of food so you don’t have to type them all in. It also sets goals for you. So much success in weight loss/management is tracking what you are eating [honestly 🙂], and I am way more inclined to type it into this app then keep a paper tracker in my purse.

And, honorary mention goes to my least favorite app: Facebook. Ugh. It is slow and annoying and it shocks me that a company that may end up ruling the world can’t give me a better iPhone app.

I have many other favs, but these handful are the ones that I open on a daily/regular basis. Bonus fact: my iPhone game of choice is Temple Run. Don’t judge me.

. . . . .


What’s your favorite iPhone app? 

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