Top 5 Friday: Paint them nails!

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If this topic doesn’t send the small percent of boys that read my blog running for the hills, I don’t know what will. [Dear dudes, next week, we’re doing Top 5 favorite sports teams, so don’t quit me yet.]

I’m a habitual nail biter and it is gross and awful. A few years ago I tried to combat that with getting fake nails put on, but that got PRICEY and I messed with them too much [shocker].

Then Nashville taught me to start wearing colors. Lots of colors.

And I’m addicted.

So I made space in my suitcase for all the colors I own and brought them along to Edinburgh. I probably change my fingernail color twice a week? But it keeps me from biting so YAY VARIED AND SUNDRY COLORS!

Today, I will share with you my five favorite colors. [Disclaimer: these may not be my five favorite colors ever, because I do love that yellow OPI from the Shrek collection… but these are the five favorite that I own.]





#1. Essie — Secret Affair

Though I don’t believe in having a secret affair, I do believe in painting my nails with secret affair. With two coats, it comes out as a very soft pinkish beige. Perfect for the spring. [But I wear it whenever I want because you know why? THE SEASONS AIN’T THE BOSS OF ME.]


#2. OPI — You Don’t Know Jacques

My winter go-to shade. And it is true, I don’t know Jacques, but I like him. A lot. With one coat, this color looks milk chocolate and with two coats, it takes on a very dark grey tone as well. No kidding, it’s the perfect cold weather shade.


#3. Essie — Very Cranberry

This color is misnamed, I believe. I think it is more of a strawberry smoothie kind of shade. I just grabbed this one recently at a 3-for-1 sale, and I don’t regret it one bit. It is a super happy shade of red, not to ZINGy but not pink either. [ZINGy coming next….] I like to pop this one on for a fun night out and then be too lazy to take it off for the days to follow.


#4. OPI — Cajun Shrimp

This bottle was a birthday gift from my sweet Louisiana-born friend Amber. She’s my favorite cajun shrimp. This color, as previously mentioned, is totes ZINGy. Bright. Blazing. One coat looks a little orange and the second coat brings a deeper red. It’s fantastic. So it Amber.


#5. OPI — I Vant To Be A-Lone Star

I first used this color in Dallas a few weeks ago [considering the name, it seemed like the right thing to do], and as soon as I returned to Nashville, while the color was still on the fingers, I bought a bottle myself. It’s a perfect greyish-blue. The bottle doesn’t quite do it justice, and since I’m currently wearing said color, here you go.

See? It kinda has shimmer to it without being glittery [though Mama doesn’t hate glitter, no sir]. It’s just a nice cool color that works with a lot of different outfits. In fact, I wore a light grey top last night and my nails matched almost perfectly. Which, if I let my obsession fully bloom, I would try to do that every day.

But I won’t.

Not yet, at least.

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What are your favorite nail polish [varnish] colors?

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Also, today over at Joy The Baker, you can WIN nail polish! Go for it!

By the way, you’re already a winner in my heart.

You’re welcome.

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