TOP 5 FRIDAY: Rom Coms, y’all.

TOP 5 FRIDAY is when we each list five of our favorite things, depending on the topic. Feel free to join in via the comments or by posting on your own blog and linking back here. Play along. It’s Friday.

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A few weeks ago my friends and I went to see The Vow.

Now. I’m a crier. I really am. But due to some extenuating circumstances [i.e- I was feeling a little bitter and frustrated and had rolled my eyes a lot that day], I was not moved by the film. In fact, I did not prefer it at all.

Me thinks I’ll never watch it again.

I’m sorry. It’s not that Channing Tatum isn’t beautiful. He is. It’s that the whole set-up, though true, is weird and too dramatic for me and I wanted to scream “OH RIGHT IT ALL WORKED OUT IN THE 85 MINUTES I’VE BEEN SITTING HERE BECAUSE THAT’S REAL LIFE.”

Like I said. Bitterness. Eye-rolling.

And I was wishing for a romantic comedy, my favorite of the movie genres.

There are some Rom Coms that come on television and I watch it no matter what. There are some I can quote at the drop of a hat and some that bring a smile to my face the moment I remember it.

Per usual, I can only list five, leaving many for you to blog about / comment about and many more that I love dearly.

So here are my Top 5 favorite romantic comedies!

1. You’ve Got Mail

This is a given. It is my all-time favorite movie. New York in the fall. New York in the spring. A local book shop. An internet relationship. These are a few of my favorite things… And call me Crazy McCrazerson, but this movie makes me miss the 90s.


2. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

My friend Baker said just the other day, “you know that yellow dress? Everybody knows that yellow dress.” And I was kinda taken aback because yes of course I know the yellow dress. It’s one of the most beautiful dresses in the history of rom coms. I just didn’t realize that boys loved that dress too.


I much prefer the Matthew McConaugheys to the Ryan Reynolds any day and this movie proves it true. And all the crazytown things that this girl does makes me want to be her friend real bad.

3. Notting Hill

In October, when I was with my friends in London, Kelli and I insisted on a trip to Notting Hill. We saw the Travel Book Shop, we saw where the blue door used to be, all of it. We made a point to say, “whoopsie daisy!” any time it fit, and sometimes when it didn’t. Such a fun British film. You need to see it again if it has been a while.


4. Serendipity

New York again. I can’t help it. That place owns a piece of my heart. If we want to get serious for about 45 seconds, I will say that I love this movie because I love how it makes us believe that we are out of control. I also love that a book is a central character. I just love it all. I want to watch it right now.


5. Just Like Heaven

I shall call this the dark horse of my list. You amy or may not have seen this one, but it is great. I mainly adore the apartment where the majority of this movie is set. [Movie apartments are always so awesome, aren’t they?] Though the idea of it all is impossible, there is something beautifully hilarious about this storyline.

. . . . .


What are your favorite romantic comedies? I know you have ’em. Spill it. 

[And… your thoughts on The Vow? Am I just a jerk?]

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