Top 5 Friday: TV on DVD

This week, my friend Sophie made a list on Pioneer Woman’s Entertainment page of her top 5 favorite TV shows that are on DVD.

And I was all, “Dear Sophie and Ree, if you wanna play Top 5 Friday, all you have to do is ask!”

Because no kidding, I have a list of Top 5 Friday topics and TV shows available on DVD was this week’s topic. And so it shall remain. We’ll just consider Sophie’s post the sister post for this week’s Top 5 Friday.

Best of all? None of my list overlaps her list. So you’re actually getting 10 for the price of… well… nothing. [Because this is a blog. It’s always free.]

My Scotland roomies have a DVD collection that would make you drool. It’s massive- including, but not limited to, American TV series. So when I moved in, I was like, “Yeah, so…. can I watch these?” because I sit at my computer and work alone, with no one to talk to, in the quiet, for 5-6 hours a day. I pop a DVD in and let it run while I work. It’s like having friends in your office, except they are in a TV and are fictional characters.

Just minor details.

Onto the list!



#1. Ally McBeal

This is my current enjoyment. I’m halfway through Season 2 and I’m LOVING it. I totally adored this show in college [I almost wrote “uni” – I’m so British.] Ally’s life looked so fun and big city and mature to me at the time. This week while watching, I saw that Ally is 27 and I’m like, “how is SHE a lawyer? I’m four years older than her!” Then I passed out because facts like that make my brain stop working.

Then I put in the next DVD because I still totally love this show.

#2. Alias

I’m not very tough. I’ve never pretended to be…. except when I watch Alias. It makes me want to kick somebody’s butt. I had my tonsils out in 2007 [when I was the same age as Ally McBeal] and I tried to bust through this entire series but my local Blockbuster did not have the final season. My poor sister tried and tried to find it for me, to no avail. But I want to see it. Real bad. Jennifer Garner’s character is smart and funny and someone that I am SURE I would be real life friends with [all those statements are also true of Jennifer Garner herself].

#3. Boston Public

I about giggled when I realized that my Scotty-roomie had the full series of Boston Public. Again, college story time. When I was studying to teach school at UGA, I would watch this show and it would make me LONG to be teaching. I don’t remember the series all that well, but it is next in line when I’m done with Ally. I also have a special place in my heart for Boston, so just about any show set in Boston gets a few bonus points from me.



#4. Perfect Strangers

Do you think I’m kidding? I’m not. I actually don’t have it on DVD, but I did download a few episodes on iTunes. Do you remember that show? Balki Bartokomous and his cousin Larry Appleton lived together in Chicago… and hilarity ensued. And it is full of good quality 1980s outfits and cars and sayings. Makes me long for the days of yore…. when I was 7.

Try it. You won’t be mad.


#5. Arrested Development

This is one of those shows that you need to watch from start to finish. There are tons of little jokes that are woven in and out of the script [in a genius way, if I do say so myself] amidst bigger laughs thanks to physical humor and costuming. The characters are the strangest family I have ever watched and I adore them. This is one of those TV series that as soon as it ends, you wish there was just a few more episodes. I mean, there is a character named Maeby. That’s funny.

May I also honorably mention 30Rock, The Office, The Waltons, and the Christy TV series? Thanks. I would also like to watch those full seasons at some point. But, you know, I also have a life and friends. So, it may take a while.

[Of course, for all you Modern Millies, you can stream TV series thanks to Hulu and the like. So just because I’m a bit behind on the times here in the UK doesn’t mean that I don’t highly support the coolness of streaming. I do. I really do.]

. . . . .


 What TV Series do you watch/want to watch on DVD/streaming?

[Lots of slashing going on in that question. Forgive me.]

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