Why I’m excited to go to Birmingham

I would now like to make a list for you of all the reasons I am excited to go to Birmingham this weekend.


Let’s begin.

1. This event. I’m REALLY excited. Really.


2. I’ve written a brand new, fresh out of the oven talk for Friday night. So the first time I do a new talk I get all nervous and butterfly-ey and giggly and I practice my jokes one bazillion times before I get there. Ah…. I love new talks.

3. I love being anywhere Ellie Holcomb is. Plain and simple.

4. The drive from Nashville to Birmingham is really nice and fairly uneventful EXCEPT for…

5. Huntsville, Alabama. I’m going to ask Ellie if we can stop at the US Space Center because I’d like some astronaut ice cream.

6. I have lots of friends that I LURVE in and around Birmingham. And though it says high school/college girls, please know that if you are anywhere near enough that you’d want to drive to this event, you are welcome!

7. Ellie doesn’t know this yet, but we’re gonna make a video. And I bet it will be funny. So I’m looking forward to that.

8. I absolutely positively love being around high school and college girls. I think they are awesome.

9. When Ellie and I travel together, we have a thing called a “rider.” The rider is a document that tells the venue what type of things we need, like microphones and stuff, but also, snacks for the green room. And on our rider is fresh fruit. I get very excited when someone offers me fruit, especially in the summer. [If you want a laugh, google famous people’s riders. Folks be crazy.]

10. THIS VENUE. I love The Barn- it is such a cool space. I love every opportunity I get to hang here. You should come check it out. Seriously. Fancy pants stuff, y’all. It’s niiiiiiiiiiice.

I hope you can make it Friday night if you are anywhere near to us. Here’s the event on facebook – will you share it with any of your BHam peeps? And here’s the place to buy tickets.

[By the way, if you guys want Ellie and I to come your way this school year, totes doable! HAVE JOKES WILL TRAVEL. 🙂 Just let us know using this contact form!]

Also, hundreds of folks have already jumped on the pre-order bandwagon for Speak Love [eek! so fun!], but Zondervan is letting this deal keep rolling. So go ahead and buy your copy and get tons of free goodies while you’re at it!

. . . . .

Okay, so for this video Ellie and I are going to make but she doesn’t know it yet. Anything particular you want to see? Or anything you want to ask either of us? Or anything stupid you want to see us do?

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