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So this is happening…. and we are SOOOOO excited. Ellie and I will be traveling around this fall and spring together doing events for women. What age women? We don’t care. Teens, college, singles, young adults, regular adults, whatevs.

What will it look like? Well, it’ll be about 1 1/2 hours of singing, talking, and hanging out. Ellie will do her thing, I’ll do my thing, and then hopefully we’ll get to chat with you and hug necks and make friends. We’re also open to doing weekend retreats if that is something you are interested in.

We have a few dates booked already, but we still have some free ones as well. So if you are planning an event at your church or your college group or your youth group, can we come hang with you?

To check availability and other details, call David Breen: 615-777-2227 [He’s in charge of my calendar and he is super nice and easy to talk to- just tell him you wanna chat about possibly bringing in Annie and Ellie!]

Or you can email him if that’s your jam : [email protected]

If you are in college or are a volunteer for your youth group, forward this blog post on to your pastor or youth pastor or college pastor or youth life leader.

[I feel like I’ve made a lot of lists in this blog posts. Forgive me. But at least you know I believe in options.]

Any questions I can answer for you?

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