A very exciting day.

A few things, as usual:

1. The lisp. It is STRONG in this video.

2. I know that owning a mixer won’t get me a husband. [It was just a joke.] You don’t have to send me a long email about trusting God and staying away from baked goods. I’m trying to do both things.

3. Mandy Mann is singing to you – you can check her out here.

4. Here’s the oreo post I mentioned.

5. And to my dear wonderful subscribers, why don’t you clickity click on over here today? I’m not sure you can see the video in the feed readers….

Oh happy day.

Update: I totally forgot to mention a very important factoid. The only reason I was able to get this mixer is because my sweet mama gave me gift cards. Like, piles and piles of gift cards. It was very kind of her. I will bake her something in the shape of a gift card as my token of thanks. 🙂

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