An experiment.

So I saw this video on David Crowder’s blog. I watched it and I videotaped myself watching it, cause I kinda wanted it to be like we were watching it together. Share a moment, if you will. Weird, huh? Or cool? Or dumb? Not sure. Hence the title of this blog post.

If we really want to be just alike, you are going to need to get a triscuit, put some cheese on it, and chase that with a tall glass of orange juice.

Ok, actually. You are going to need to start the top video first, then wait 16 seconds and start the bottom video. Trust me. It’s much better if they are synced up. Sorry I’m a dork and didn’t do this correctly. Proof that this video was made in one take.

Did you feel like we watched that video together? Did you laugh? Or did you feel that I must be out of my mind?

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