Bring your ears today.

For starters, a video. One day late.

I know.  I am one of a kind and the world is GRATEFUL, I tell ya. And you are all going to laugh when somebody marries this piece of work. I pity the fool.

Anyways. 🙂


Joy Williams has given y’all ANOTHER FREE SONG at the Bloggable Music Network.  And it’s all warm and toasty and Christmasy sounding. And the price is right.


Cute Wade on the Ukulele.  Listen, this college kid is so presh I could just take him around in my pocket.  I love this song. And his voice!  You stop it right now, cute boy.  Stop it.  You know I have a soft spot for musicians.  [Not really the 19-year-old variety, so I think he’s safe.]

Brad the Canadian Pastor has a seriously awesome series of videos on having a relationship with God.  Watch them all.  You’ll like it, or your blog-money back.  From Brad.


Here is the ever-growing list of bloggers who need Africa.  Um, wow.

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