My twin is a Hispanic mother.

If you watch the Bachelorette, you know Roberto.

If you watched last night, you met Roberto’s mom.

If you’ve seen Roberto’s mom, you have met my twin.

I mean, truly. Look at this.

That pretty much looks like my face. Bi-za-rro.

Also. Forgive me, my hair is dirty and it was 10:45pm, so I’m not looking my freshest.

So we grabbed an iPhone that records video. [Because I didn’t have my flipcam. WHY OH WHY did I not have my flipcam!??] Hence the less than awesome quality. I am so so sorry. More than you know.

We attempted to show you the similarities but I have never. no not ever. gotten so giggly while trying to make a video. We were laughing. So very much.


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