RagamuffinTop Challenge 3

Yeah, I know, last week was 1 and this week is 3. That’s what Carlos called it… I think I started a week late. So we’ll just catch up with him.

Last week’s goal: Exercise 3 times. At least one with Ninja Vlad.

I told y’all Vlad was a Ninja- check out his t-shirt!

Listen, I know 3 times a week and 1.5 pounds isn’t a big deal, but this is about changing more than the outside stuff. So be patient. I’m pleased. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. Teetering WAY too close to that line of things I REALLY REALLY don’t blog about.

This week’s goal: Exercise 3 days, even though I’m going to California to visit some great friends.

You can GO HERE and see how everybody else did this week.

Great blog week ahead…. wedding pictures and video (I love you that much, Kristi Kay), Nathan Angelo putting his arm around me, visiting California… too much blog-goodness can cause your heart to be at unsafe speeds. Consider yourself warned.

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