Sweet Tea.

[For you feed reader peeps, you’re gonna wanna click on over for a delightful little homemade video.]

Here’s the recipe for this sweet tea, directly from my Mama.

Use 6 family size Tetley tea bags for one gallon of tea and steep for 5 minutes.  Pour into container with sugar.  I only put about 1 cup of sugar but 1 ¼ is probably more Southern.  Stir till sugar dissolved then add cold water.  If you are in a hurry, add enough ice cubes to fill half way and stir until they melt.

And special thanks to Lady Antebellum for being my background singers. Or… uh… something like that.

Marisa, we need to hear from you in the comments regarding Waffle House. Please and thank you.

To all you Southern ladies and gentlemen out there, give Shannon more tips in the comments. Especially if I did something wrong. Or if you have a different/better way to make tea. I won’t take it personally.

[On the other hand, and for future reference, don’t say ONE WORD about my chicken and dumplins. Cause that is a labor of love that I do not take lightly.]

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